youth jiu jitsu

Kid’s and Youth Self Defense and Jiu Jitsu Classes:

Jiu Jitsu and Self defense are just two of many things taught in our kids/youth programs. We also teach our students how to focus, listen, the importance of discipline, respecting yourself and others and teamwork. After all, even though Youth Jiu Jitsu and and learning self defense is an independent journey you must train with others to learn it effectively! Our goal is to give you/them the tools to grow emotionally, mentally and physically! The journey is yours, we just supply the tools to get through it!

What’s included in our kids/youth programs:

  • Basic striking
  • Basic wrestling and Judo; controlling where the fight takes place
  • Building confidence through tough training, setting goals and accomplishing them and mat talks
  • Improving overall strength, coordination, posture and endurance
  • Learn to push themselves and encourage others
  • Techniques to defend themselves both on the ground and standing up

As bullying in the US is on the rise we are constantly improving our programs to ensure kids/youth receive the tools necessary to protect themselves and those around them if/when necessary!