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Chris Goettsch BJJ Black Belt

Chris Goettsch

BLACK BELT - Professor / Head Coach
Muay Thai
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

Experience:15 Years



Maeda , Mitsuyo –> Gracie Sr., Carlos –> Gracie , Helio –> Gracie , Rolls –> Cavalcanti , Romero –> Vieira , Leonardo Alcantara –> Drysdale , Robert –> Goettsch , Chris

  • Started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Mauricio Zingano in July 2005Promoted to blue belt by Professor Zingano September 2006
  • Lived overseas from Sept 2007 until January 2010; worked and trained with US Army personnel as well as fellow contractors
  • Moved to Thailand January 2010 to train full time with 5x time world champion Muay Thai fighter Sakmongkol
  • February 2010 was promoted to purple belt from Professor Zingano who was there along side his wife Cat Zingano as we trained day in and day out at WKO and @fairtextrainingcenter in Pattaya, Thailand.
  • Moved back to Colorado 2011 and started competing again, this time at the IBJJF Worlds and in the cage
  • Early 2012 went back overseas to work and train with SOCOM
  • Promoted to brown belt by Thiago Viega ( 3rd degree Rickson Gracie Black Belt) and LCCT (Luiz Claudio Combat Team)
  • After leaving Afghanistan in July 2013 I headed back to Colorado and opened up Rocky Mountain Jiu Jitsu in Thornton
  • November 2014 RMJJ and myself joined forces with Professor Robert Drysdale and Team Zenith
  • May 2016 after 11 years of training and teaching all over the world I was awarded my black belt by Professor Drysdale
  • 2017 Sold RMJJ and once again headed overseas to work for and train with SOCOM/SOAG; this time I would be lucky enough to not only train with US Special Forces but also Slovakian SF, Polish SF and Spanish SF teams at Camp Morehead in Afghanistan
  • December 2018 returned to Colorado and started Evolution Mixed Martial Arts